Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Been A While.....

But then again....who's counting??!! I decided to change up the look of our blog. I know, it's not too exciting. I will get some pictures on one of these days. I just wanted to at least refresh something.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When I say "SICK"...I don't mean in a good way!!!

So, this was our 2nd white elephant party with some friends now that we are back in the Boise area. Two years ago, with much sadness, I gave my cute '80's outfit that was a turquoise blue suede sweater with fringe, and brown suede fringy boots (those of you who saw that one will never forget)...but this year we came out with even better!!! Our friend Dan came out with this sweet parting gift "This is the song that never ends..." (Camryn's donation to our white elephant Christmas party)
Christmas was good this year, we got all we could have asked for...and even some stuff we didn't ask for....Did he HAVE to try it on??!! And the photo doesn't do my outfit justice...there are some foot holes in this sweet flannel gown. It zips foot to neck...I think I saw something similar advertised this year on t.v. called the Snuggie. (I'm talking about the blue get-up)
Some things go without saying....
I don't think we laughed quite so hard in a VERY long time. Count on Lane for the laughs. And thanks a bunch Megan and Leigh for the great time...and the nice photos!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tanner Tree

Each year, my dad goes to his cabin Thanksgiving weekend to search for the perfect Christmas tree for their house and whoever else in the family wants one that year. Tanner's first Christmas was spent at my parents house, and my mom had asked my dad to get Tanner his very own tree for his room. I wasn't so sure that was a good idea....but that year when my dad went out for trees, he found a tree that was pretty much the same size as Tanner. He didn't cut the tree down, but each year he takes note on how that tree is growing in comparison to Tanner. This year was extra special because Tanner actually got to go to grandpa's cabin Christmas tree hunting...and this is the picture grandpa got of Tanner next to the "Tanner Tree". Yes, it is named the "Tanner Tree".

My brother Chet also went that weekend (yes, his wife Shonnie, now pregnant with their 2nd set of twins let him go since he probably won't get to go next year...he may be busy) and Tanner had the time of his life shooting clay pigeons, and even got a couple of rabbits. Grandpa was going to teach Tanner the correct process of skinning and eating the rabbits (the kind that is okay to eat...don't ask me which one that is). For any of you that KNOW Tanner at all, he has to be the pickiest eater IN THE WORLD!!! So, lucky for him, as they "dug into" the rabbits, they looked infected or something gross, so they didn't actually eat them. He lucked out this time, but I'm sure grandpa won't miss another hunting opportunity to let him eat his catch!!!

Thanksgiving 08

Our Thanksgiving Feast....We were at my parents house again this year. It was a great day! Not a huge crowd for our family...but good sized. In this picture are Mom, Clair, Dan and Amber, Jodi and Dan, and me kissing my cute hunny. Good times!
Tanner...he is so thankful that he gets to go with grandpa for Christmas trees, shoot a few rabbits, and many clay pigeons. It doesn't get better!

Grandpa Smith is the "bird maker"! He has this process down. Great job dad!

Dallin made a very special costume for his 2nd grade "feast" for his last couple of days of school at Bluff Ridge Elementary. He makes a great little pilgrim!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This!!!

I have never seen a kid this excited about starting cub scouts!!! The countdown has been on since Monday Dallin turned 8 years old!!! His new cub leaders came to invite him, and since then he has been asking "what time is scouts", "where is scouts", "are you coming with me to scouts", "is my scout shirt ready", and so on! I love this easy to please!!!
Happy Birthday Dallin!!! Can you believe that my baby is 8 years old!!! Camryn and Tanner made this poster for's our little family tradition!
This boy could not have been happier on his birthday! This massive nerf gun was just what the little gun lover needed. Not to mention that his grandma and grandpa sent another similar one that have ensued in war-time at our house!!! Great times!
Just a peek and he knew that this was one cool present!
Dad couldn't resist this lovely guessed it. Time is going so fast! I flipped on the CMA awards last night and the Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This" came on....this is the image I got in my mind! Can't they just stay little???

Friday, October 31, 2008

"Smile honey, show us you are having a great time!"
The finished product...
Love the way that stringy stuff feels between the fingers....

Yesterday we carved the home-grown pumpkins. Of course Dallin and Camryn were thrilled about it...Tanner was off rip-sticking with friends, and Mom and Dad were happy as could be! I think the vinyl was much more efficient, but these moments are ones we just can't replace!

Hay ride...minus the hay???

...and they said you have to be 10 to ride this machine!
What a fun day with cousins at the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. The kids had a great time with all sorts of blow up slides, non-scary haunted houses, carnival games, huge fun pedal go-carts, a hay ride, and even the news helicopter showed up! You guessed it, Lane was at work and Tanner was too old for such fun. He went to the movie with McKay, his friend. Sorry to say I didn't get a photo of that.

Halloween Day at the Hansen Household...Teenager in pajamas, Dr. Baby Mama, and Hairy Scary Skinny Bones

Happy Halloween! The kids got some fun mail from their grandma and grandpa....lucky. It's always fun when it includes cash money.... Also today, the two younger kids had a great day of school, Halloween parties and early out. What more could we ask for from public education! And then there is Tanner, no school today because the quarter ended....therefore he's sporting p.j.'s even though it is afternoon and the other two just got home from school. So, I guess he dressed up like a lazy teenager! Oh wait, that's NO COSTUME!
Skinny Bones....that was no stretch! Mr. Skinny himself decided that he wanted to be a CREEPY skeleton for Halloween. We almost didn't even need an outfit for this kid, his pants are constantly falling off because he has no meat on his bones, but we put this costume together and he was thrilled! Other than making one small child cry, (not even joking...poor kid) the night trick-or-treating went quite well. We scored!!! Notice the we........
You guessed it, Camryn and her LOVE of babies couldn't escape the Halloween costume....she has been planning it for months! She had to be a doctor holding babies. One of our neighbors recently had a baby, and she has been down there almost every day to "help" with the baby. Good thing that the lady has 4 other kids, and really says she loves her coming because she happens to go help right about when it's time for her to make dinner. So Camryn's help holding the baby has been good. I made her promise that if she gets sick of her to send her back this way. Today "was the best day of my life" as Camryn put it. Kristy, the neighbor let her walk around holding the baby. Wow, it doesn't take much!!!